Our Approach


Hilton’s Global Oil & Gas commitment is to operate a growing, profitable and ethical company. A company dedicated to bettering our investors, our employees, and our communities. A company with a clear focus on creating a trustworthy, honest and nurturing environment for all of our stakeholders while maximizing the potential return on the exploration of oil and gas in USA


Under the leadership of Garry Hilton, Hilton’s Global Oil & Gas trives to deliver above average returns with best in class tax benefits for our investors and, at the same time, mitigating all risks that are within our capabilities.

Risk comes primarily from not knowing what you’re doing. The FORGE™ process regroups all potential controllable risk in a matrix, which allows us to evaluate and gauge our risk profile.

At the forefront of Hilton’s Global success are its people. We ensure that the right people with the right values are in the right roles—and have the authority to make sound decisions.

We are devoted to being ecologically and environmentally responsible not because it is legally required, but because we believe it is the most conscientious and most profitable way to conduct our business. These responsibilities are at the core of Hilton’s Global Oil & Gas nature.